Taipei housewife bike

I just thought I’ll share something  amusing about a recent trip we made to Taiwan with my family over Christmas.

On one of the days touring Taipei & surroundings, we planned to visit Fisherman Wharf, and the best way there is by MRT to Tamsui Station.  This is fairly simple because, Taipei has an impressive network of trains & buses for a city of 2.7 million inhabitants.

Anyway, to cut a long story short on arrival at Tamsui Station, the first two hings you notice when you exit the station are, U Bike and Starbucks.  We decided to go for a Starbucks as I badly needed a coffee, and someone told me the you have to visit Starbucks in Taiwan, I don’t even go to Starbucks in Bangkok, but being a silly tourist I went anyway.

Anyway, after a cup of coffee we said we should get a U Bike so we could explore the area easier, especially riding along the promenade, though this needed a bit convincing as my daughter hates cycling.  But we all finally agreed, besides we’ve been doing trekking and lot’s of walking in the past couple of days, therefore a bike was going to be easier on our feet, so off we trotted to the U Bike parking place.

That is when we discovered that you can’t simply just get a bike, or just download an app, you need to first input your credit card into a standing electronic kiosk machine – conveniently located close by.  But we thought bugger that, and by chance after turning around to walk off we discovered a bike rental shop, all he wanted was cash upfront and some sort of ID so that we will return the bike, I handed over my Thai ID card and cash for all 4 bikes and we were good to go.  Though stupid me forgot to ask for a lock.

The funny thing that both my son and I notice immediately, was how well the wheels were spinning, I mean these hubs were flying, much better than our Nouvo hubs, and this was a rental housewife bike, I feel bad for my bicycles back home.


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