Hello Birdy!

Okay so I have sinned, I bought another folding bike about a month after I sold the Brompton, this time I got myself a Reise Muller Birdy, sometimes called a R&M Birdy, but most of time simply known as Birdy.

I decided to get the 9 speed Birdy Gen3 (Generation), in other markets it is referred as Mk3 (Mark), in charcoal matt grey as I reckon the dull grey paint is easier to maintain, besides black bikes attract less attention from bike thieves. Though I was also considering the 24 speed version with SRAM internal 3 speed hub, it was a little pricier, but I think the deciding factor was the simplicity of a cassette & derailleur system verses an internal hub, especially when it comes to having to replace a tire or inner tube. Continue reading “Hello Birdy!”

A Brompton Copy

The day before I made a visit to the A Day Bike Fest 2017  at the Airport Link Makkasan station,  and was pleasantly surprised to see the fair increased in size from previous years, there were more distributors and retailers selling accessories. Perhaps the downtrend of cycling caused the big boys to come out, hoping to create an uptick in demand by offering discounts. Continue reading “A Brompton Copy”

A Folding Bike Dilemma

I need a folding bike.  But why-oh-why, so many of my friends ask, why would you ride a collapsible small wheel bike?  Well there are very good reasons for that, first it’s so I can cycle to the subway station and from there take the bike, folded, on to the train, and secondly I’ve been exploring more and more is actually touring on a bike I can fold up.

The thing is, which bike?  As I also want the bike to be able to handle long journeys…. and this is where making a decision becomes bloody difficult. Continue reading “A Folding Bike Dilemma”