Got myself a Brompton

And finally I bought a Brompton M6R at the A Day Bike Fest 2017!

What was it that made me decide on the Brommie vs the other two options? Pressure. Yep, a hard sales pitch by the owner of One Fine Day bike shop AND my wife who figured that I deserved it….. or maybe she was simply fed up walking around the bike fair with me.

Initially I was eyeing the all new Black Edition, as it is pretty sexy in my point of view, but also I reckon touching up scratches on the paint would be easier on a dull black frame. At the same time I’ve always liked the raw lacquer, it really really stands out with a more classic look in my eyes. Just choosing the colour requires a lot of thought, whilst the shop owner was disturbing my thought process trying to convince me to take the orange Black Edition simply because there are limited numbers…… decisions, decisions.

Time wasn’t on my side, so I decided on the more expensive raw lacquer. Why? I don’t know, if I had to go back again I would definitely purchase the all Black Edition. But there you are, that is just the way it is, not that I don’t like my raw lacquer, I do, I just … oh I don’t know.

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