Taipei housewife bike

I just thought I’ll share something  amusing about a recent trip we made to Taiwan with my family over Christmas.

On one of the days touring Taipei & surroundings, we planned to visit Fisherman Wharf, and the best way there is by MRT to Tamsui Station.  This is fairly simple because, Taipei has an impressive network of trains & buses for a city of 2.7 million inhabitants.

Anyway, to cut a long story short on arrival at Tamsui Station, the first two hings you notice when you exit the station are, U Bike and Starbucks.  We decided to go for a Starbucks as I badly needed a coffee, and someone told me the you have to visit Starbucks in Taiwan, I don’t even go to Starbucks in Bangkok, but being a silly tourist I went anyway.

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Bad, bad, Brompton :)

I’ve been meaning to up date my site, but been terribly busy, plus getting laid off from a company I have worked for 30 years 🙁

As you may recall from my earlier post how much I hated the Brompton after owning it for a week or so,  and then out of luck a guy I met a guy in the bike shop offloaded my agony….. even though I lost about 10,000 Baht (USD 313) on it.  But, the money I had left from the sale was enough to buy me a brand new Birdy MkIII 9 Speed, I felt I didn’t lose anything, I just gained a rather expensive Birdy, plus a bag, ….. just don’t tell my wife, please. Continue reading “Bad, bad, Brompton :)”