Bye bye Brompton

After riding the Brompton one day to work, one evening ride around my neighborhood, and once to the bike shop from my office, I thought about the bike long and hard. Did I want to continue holding on to it, or get rid of it and seriously piss off my wife.

I had two sleepless nights over it, no kidding, that’s how serious my doubts about this bike was.

So what was wrong with the Brommie? What first put me off was the sliding seat post, ok no big issue but it just irritated the shit out of me. Secondly was the vibration from the handlebars which transmitted to my palms, even on a short 4 kilometer ride it was not pleasant. Thirdly was the gearing, maybe because I am used to having at least 9 speeds, with the Brompton I had to constantly shift between left and right levers just to find the right gear ratio for my speed.

Simply put it was not a fun bike, and I could not live with it, my mind was made up, I wanted to part with the bike knowing I was going to lose money, lot’s of money.

I returned to One Fine Day bike shop to ask if they could help me sell the bike. By chance there was a customer in the shop looking at Brompton’s. I left the shop shortly after speaking to the shop manager, leaving him to work, but 10 minutes later the manager called me to say the customer who was in the shop was interested in my Brompton since it was relatively new, and the price was attractive, so we agreed to meet the following day in the same place. 

I was feeling relieved, like someone had lifted a burden off my back, and I hadn’t even sold the Brompton yet!

I returned home, loaded the bike into the car, whilst wondering if I should have second thoughts or not, but that wasn’t the case. All the while keeping a secret from my wife about my intentions.

The very next day off I went to work, Brommie in the boot, wondering if the guy would change his mind. Waiting eagerly to receive his call to confirm meeting and time. I guess he knew this was a great bargain not to be missed as he called to set up our appointment in the afternoon.

I cycled over to the store ahead of time, riding my Brompton on hopefully her final trip with me.  My man was already waiting at the store, we exchanged greetings, before he had a good look over my Brommie for scars 🙂 but there were none, how could there be, I had only ridden her twice.

No negotiations needed, man to man he knew it was a steal, the deal was done, he electronically transferred the money to my bank account and the bike was his. But we continued to sit and chat about work, children, retirement etc for almost an hour.

So that was it, the end of my short Brompton experience. Come to think about it, perhaps a single speed would have been a better city bike, even so I wasn’t happy about the handling….. and I am very particular about how my bike feels.

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