Bad, bad, Brompton :)

I’ve been meaning to up date my site, but been terribly busy, plus getting laid off from a company I have worked for 30 years 🙁

As you may recall from my earlier post how much I hated the Brompton after owning it for a week or so,  and then out of luck a guy I met a guy in the bike shop offloaded my agony….. even though I lost about 10,000 Baht (USD 313) on it.  But, the money I had left from the sale was enough to buy me a brand new Birdy MkIII 9 Speed, I felt I didn’t lose anything, I just gained a rather expensive Birdy, plus a bag, ….. just don’t tell my wife, please.

Anyway, the reason for this post is not to talk about the Birdy, but rather my much hated belated Brompton.  The guy who purchased it off me is a retired engineer, who has also owned other folding bikes, and like me thought that the Brompton was an upgrade….. yeah right.  The funny thing is after a week of riding the Brompton, he too hated the bike so bad and got rid of it ASAP, but lucky for him, he was able to sell it at the price he purchased it off of me, so no loss for him.

That’s it, just thought I’ll share that with you so that my own experiences are not unique. I think Brompton have built an image of themselves whereby consumers want to be part of the “privilege group”, I guess it’s like some people wear a Rolex, whilst I prefer my Casio G Shock Protrek.

The above is just my own personal opinion of the Brompton.  Sorry Brommie, but you suck.

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