Bangkok two parks cycle path

This is an old favorite of mine, generally I hate cycling around in circles, but there’s not much option if you’ve only got an hour lunch break to spare.  Most of the time I would train / exercise in Lumpinee park at noon, cycling around in a 2.5 kilometer circle, it’s okay I guess as you don’t have to worry about cars and simply let your mind wonder as I complete 20 km before heading back to the office to work. Continue reading “Bangkok two parks cycle path”

Hello Birdy!

Okay so I have sinned, I bought another folding bike about a month after I sold the Brompton, this time I got myself a Reise Muller Birdy, sometimes called a R&M Birdy, but most of time simply known as Birdy.

I decided to get the 9 speed Birdy Gen3 (Generation), in other markets it is referred as Mk3 (Mark), in charcoal matt grey as I reckon the dull grey paint is easier to maintain, besides black bikes attract less attention from bike thieves. Though I was also considering the 24 speed version with SRAM internal 3 speed hub, it was a little pricier, but I think the deciding factor was the simplicity of a cassette & derailleur system verses an internal hub, especially when it comes to having to replace a tire or inner tube. Continue reading “Hello Birdy!”